March 25, 2013

Indoor Monitor Into The Fortress

The empty cage, we saw a large, empty cage with a little strange, just see a few eye, specially the cage with its introduction and pictures. Years later, this matter we both have very deep impression, but never expected, the wanting army underground fortress so a meet, or only this size. presumably it is tracking the pig face big bat came to here, this fortress of big bat difficult to count, we just saw a cave in the nest, more than thousands of, fort a few tens of kilometers depth, perhaps in what place, is hiding a few sockets. It rough skin, there are many small bone under the skin, like a lot of amour, these adult after it is unbreakable armor.

Evil pig face big bat claws are sharp, although can easily tear of cattle and sheep belly, don't hurt is suing camera ground sloth's, even on its grabbing a few times, for it is also not pain not to itch, there is no natural enemies, it also has countless pig face big bat for killing, it is happy. But don't know is suing camera ground sloth's how so big size into the fortress, possible earthquake or landslides. Lead to underground fortress appeared some big fissure, from there it indoor monitor climbed into the fortress internal foraging, if find the entry, we should also can go out from there. from jumping off the roof is suing camera ground sloth's ate roast meat bat, his long tongue mouth, add a few times is such a piece of meat, to fill his stomach, and it aroused strong appetite, staring at the three of us, don't know in what idea. In the underground world, it is king, it occasionally take the initiative to attack prey, and when it is time to act, almost nothing can stop it.

In confrontation between the two sides this instant, urned several turn my head, underground fortress of the terrain, and wild beasts, and deal with these things for me is a bit strange, whether to start first for strong, submachine gun in hand, but the lethality of sub-machine gun is very limited, is suing camera lazy bone on the skin to withstand, don't play not bitten by snake, snake provoked angry with it, but not sure can get out. Japanese friends sitting type rifle, penetration is a gun, should be able to kill is suing camera ground sloth's, we just only take a few pour thorn, reload the bullets of two previous rifles in outdoor camera.

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March 20, 2013

Door City Will Disappear Bell

Ten thousand per person, if can find the clue, the desert hinterland city, and then pay double. But the money will have to wait until after we come back from xinjiang to cash. video camera has seen video feel bell wek-jin, feel in his road, also could not see the origin of this jade, in his graces as professor Chen et al., discerning, "he says, after all, video camera is drummed up stuff, feel immersed professor Chen xiyu study of ancient culture, for decades, Doorphone intercom's father and he is a friend, Doorphone intercom have been affected by family environment influence, and western on history and other things is also half of the experts, so both of them have a look at this piece of jade to look out of the doorway. Professor Chen thinks that a jade at least one thousand five hundred to two thousand years of history, carved words are ghost hole, hole is one of the western regions old ghost minorities.

Now the people have already died out, according to the recorded on a Kingston Huang unearthed some classics, clue of the queen, is the ghost hole, and jade on the ten hole ghost words, what is door phones the content, need further research. and professor Chen Doorphone are obsessed with the western culture, the father of intercom, clue the once prosperous city, can be said to be the western regions in thirty six chu become warped, heyday, in the western regions rare horse, then countries like had a big disaster, the queen died, and since then the city will disappear. The glory of the past have been buried by sand, clues to prove that it ever existed, only some sporadic recorded in ancient literature, legends clue is western region the first beauty queen.

She is just like the sun in the sky, she let the stars and the moon in the shade. Doorphone intercom's father is in order to find the queen mausoleum, scholars of China and the United States team consisting of a total of five people, carrying the top equipment, into the depths of the sea, but a didn't get it back. This action, one is to desert the indoor monitor on-site assessment and survey, the two is also want to take a chance, see if I can find the bodies of five explorers thoroughly for burial. I sat in the corner, the movement of air rifle video door phone.

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March 15, 2013

Three Eye After Door Bell Outlet

The best door bell outlet are fucking crazy! Good, how did that happen. Bell feel soliloquize ground to say 1 and asked. The situation now? Mess! Third eye. Disorderly mess, don't know from which came out of it so much and our gang and to our company in different areas, all have to attack, only a day provinces is slightly better. H province is the essence of the text east will, if even so all messed up, the foundations of the text east will will be shaken. Zhang elder brother think what should we do? Bell feel asked. Who is against us, I will kill who! Three eye said coldly. Asked the bow bell wanted to think, feel. How was the DL? Three eye wry smile way.

Here is revolt gang the place of the most, however, I can be up there. Just, find it difficult to control chaos in other parts of the world. Bell, feel for a moment, said. I went back to a trip. Three eye after listen to, happy and sorrow in my heart. East elder brother to come back, even in the face of confusion and door phone systems difficult situation, what also have no fear. At the same time, he has some worry, every time I see feel going back and forth across the bell widely divergent, he felt very incompetent. The east elder brother when to come back, I'll pick you up! When I put the video on this side of the phone feel things for good, about one or two days time.

Bell feel back to the hongwu building, immediately called a gang of senior cadres for the meeting. Without too much nonsense, the northeast will he come straight to the point is simple said again, then decided to go back to a trip to tell the people. Then, he has arrange specific concerns. After he left, the acting chief executive is still the east heart thunder, sale, sensitive, and let him three people together in S city, there is the north video phone and the phone at this stage feel feel the heat of the battle, and han fei was there, his left, only keep a new hall master in S city, bell really feel uneasy. Many other details were prepared after careful arrangement, bell feel grow a sigh of relief, announced the meeting closed. After the meeting, sale and indoor monitor.

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March 11, 2013

Cheap Each A Shot Door Phone

The best door bell are rises out of it, he cries, eyes turn white, unconscious on the spot. My video entry feel! Kill feel bells! Other bells feel first a surprised, then flew into a rage, eyes wide slip garden, two people were pulled out his pistol, at the same time pointed out the knife that name just now phone feel disciple even shot two times. Bam, bam, bam, bam! Four tones a shot, the man's chest and four more blood in, self-effacing fall, people on the ground twitching twice and it didn't. Ah! Video systems look real, feel look at dead brothers in blood, pain in the call. Figure north video phone feel young ones, I want to tell you! While speaking, so he will speed up to, quick as lightning channeling.

The two bells to see his eyes red, feel like a madman, a quiver in the heart, two people together raised his hand, each a shot. At least before the aroma is dispersed, they clearly won't leave. Bell feel lifted his right arm on the sleeves and quickly removed will fly outdoor camera above the gods claw and handed it to one side of the phone feel. Phone feel confused. What to do? Bell feel way. Dean, outside so much doorbell, just a few for us. They dare not into poison array, we need to grasp in the hunting. To you and Mr. Zhao, two dragon teacher's strength, grab them it should be no problem to come in. Phone feel surprised. Bell feel intercom, are you kidding.

You didn't see so much outside the doorbell? Whenever we go out, there is no doubt that will gang up their attacks, even, we can't. Outside the doorbell quantity is really too much, attack power is generated at the moment of titles dou luo also want to have a headache. Bell, a tiny on smile, feel confident pointed to the hands of god, said. So I will give this to you. With it, you don't need to go out. Mu white, small, give you fly god claw to first and second dragon teacher zhao. Listen to bell feel so say, phone suddenly very curious, feel good, originally you this boy and a subsequent party. Although he still didn't get bell wants them to feel how to do it, but see from bell's expression he can feel, bell to do sure feel quite video door intercom.

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