April 08, 2013

Central Political Video Door Phone

The video door phone is in behind him, ready to pull out a gun, prevention eventuality. Young woman peering staring at video door phone condensate voice said. Mr. Xiao looks down on Xingjian people take it lightly? Video door phone. Look down can not be said, be careful it is true. I do not want to sell arms to terrorists, I say, you should Ming since? Young woman took a deep breath, said. Why do you identify that we are terrorists? Video door phone suddenly ask this question. What you want to buy weapons? Young lady look back behind the two men to, then shaking his head. I can not tell you, unless you first promised down. Video door phone shrugged, said. In this case, we also did not talk about it.

Then, he turned and shaped, ready to walk out. The left side of the Han suddenly said. Wait a minute, the video door phone stopped the body, squinting looked at him. That the Han thought for a moment, said. We want you to blow up the headquarters of the soul group, the kind of weapons. He says, video door phone has basically affirmed their identity. He could not help his back while laughing, asked. You have to go to war with the country? That than nodded. If I say that is it? Video door phone smile deepened, turned around and glanced stood aside to face, such as earth tones of the door bell Li Toadying said smiling. I'll kill you right here. Han mouth of a challenge, exposing contemptuous ridicule, said. I thought that Mr. Xiao is a the underworld, resourceful owl heap, can not think, just a country lackeys. For each other's abusive, video door phone does not care about; at least his face is not the slightest change in the smiling kicked skirts, said.

You may not know, my other identity is the Central Political Department of the lieutenant, of course, the lieutenant soon become a captain. All this time he pulled out a shining silver pistol from his waist. See the video door phone flashed a pistol, Li Toadying suction the mouth air, Leighton time, and the sweat. The Dean down no reaction, his face still full of indifference. With other members Dean, and then said, as a. Mr. Xiao, the one thing I can assure you, we buy weapons, not aimed at China. In fact, the other to purchase arms for whom to deal with who did not care, video door phone, however, if the Central know that weapons sold the East Turkistan these terrorists, but to behead a felony, and then everyone can not be protected. He has his own criteria, in a sensitive and important issue; he will never door phone.


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