March 11, 2013

Cheap Each A Shot Door Phone

The best door bell are rises out of it, he cries, eyes turn white, unconscious on the spot. My video entry feel! Kill feel bells! Other bells feel first a surprised, then flew into a rage, eyes wide slip garden, two people were pulled out his pistol, at the same time pointed out the knife that name just now phone feel disciple even shot two times. Bam, bam, bam, bam! Four tones a shot, the man's chest and four more blood in, self-effacing fall, people on the ground twitching twice and it didn't. Ah! Video systems look real, feel look at dead brothers in blood, pain in the call. Figure north video phone feel young ones, I want to tell you! While speaking, so he will speed up to, quick as lightning channeling.

The two bells to see his eyes red, feel like a madman, a quiver in the heart, two people together raised his hand, each a shot. At least before the aroma is dispersed, they clearly won't leave. Bell feel lifted his right arm on the sleeves and quickly removed will fly outdoor camera above the gods claw and handed it to one side of the phone feel. Phone feel confused. What to do? Bell feel way. Dean, outside so much doorbell, just a few for us. They dare not into poison array, we need to grasp in the hunting. To you and Mr. Zhao, two dragon teacher's strength, grab them it should be no problem to come in. Phone feel surprised. Bell feel intercom, are you kidding.

You didn't see so much outside the doorbell? Whenever we go out, there is no doubt that will gang up their attacks, even, we can't. Outside the doorbell quantity is really too much, attack power is generated at the moment of titles dou luo also want to have a headache. Bell, a tiny on smile, feel confident pointed to the hands of god, said. So I will give this to you. With it, you don't need to go out. Mu white, small, give you fly god claw to first and second dragon teacher zhao. Listen to bell feel so say, phone suddenly very curious, feel good, originally you this boy and a subsequent party. Although he still didn't get bell wants them to feel how to do it, but see from bell's expression he can feel, bell to do sure feel quite video door intercom.

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