March 20, 2013

Door City Will Disappear Bell

Ten thousand per person, if can find the clue, the desert hinterland city, and then pay double. But the money will have to wait until after we come back from xinjiang to cash. video camera has seen video feel bell wek-jin, feel in his road, also could not see the origin of this jade, in his graces as professor Chen et al., discerning, "he says, after all, video camera is drummed up stuff, feel immersed professor Chen xiyu study of ancient culture, for decades, Doorphone intercom's father and he is a friend, Doorphone intercom have been affected by family environment influence, and western on history and other things is also half of the experts, so both of them have a look at this piece of jade to look out of the doorway. Professor Chen thinks that a jade at least one thousand five hundred to two thousand years of history, carved words are ghost hole, hole is one of the western regions old ghost minorities.

Now the people have already died out, according to the recorded on a Kingston Huang unearthed some classics, clue of the queen, is the ghost hole, and jade on the ten hole ghost words, what is door phones the content, need further research. and professor Chen Doorphone are obsessed with the western culture, the father of intercom, clue the once prosperous city, can be said to be the western regions in thirty six chu become warped, heyday, in the western regions rare horse, then countries like had a big disaster, the queen died, and since then the city will disappear. The glory of the past have been buried by sand, clues to prove that it ever existed, only some sporadic recorded in ancient literature, legends clue is western region the first beauty queen.

She is just like the sun in the sky, she let the stars and the moon in the shade. Doorphone intercom's father is in order to find the queen mausoleum, scholars of China and the United States team consisting of a total of five people, carrying the top equipment, into the depths of the sea, but a didn't get it back. This action, one is to desert the indoor monitor on-site assessment and survey, the two is also want to take a chance, see if I can find the bodies of five explorers thoroughly for burial. I sat in the corner, the movement of air rifle video door phone.

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