April 13, 2013

Especially Zhou Video Door Phone

The Green Gang door phone online, or indiscernible to a variety of reasons, then, he is willing mobilized manpower to Green to help get justice for the brother revenge! Xiao Fang, listening to these words, his face simply shot the lights change. Especially Zhou Ting, a white face has become an instant sauce purple, his two fists rattle ringing clenching Yinya, Nu Sheng said. Miss Ling, you go back and tell Mr. Xie soon, said, "we Namhong door is not afraid of death, but also never afraid of who our own thing, we will naturally go to solve, but also fail to get outsiders to intervene to intervene! Sensitive shrugged and did not say anything, toss hair out of the room. She just said, video door bell of course did not say she want to come out temporarily stimulate Namhong door. Sensitive low-key man, but the North freemason third overall How can mediocrity. Sensitive Powell left, Zhou Ting angrily Xiao Fang growled.

Now you satisfied? Listen to the video door bell What is the tone, I am his mother feel blush, we Namhong door no one thing? ! Then he walked out of the room, in the hallway to catch up with sensitive, reddish face, whispered. Miss Ling, I have some rude, please do not take offense, I said those words is not about you! Oh! Sensitive puzzled looked at him, I did not understand that he caught up to what is meant by it only for an apology? She smiled, said. I know! I did not mind. That's good. Beautiful woman, very attractive to the eye, if such a woman while smart and capable, and that her charm becomes full. Sensitivity is such a woman. To see her smile, Zhou Ting Chun face red, thick old head Road. Miss Spirit, in the evening you there? We can have www.doorbellcn.com a meal together? He say this, coupled with his expression, sensitive and clear understanding of mind. She refused altogether, said. Night I have the time, but I will not accompany you to dinner. Zhou Ting heard anxious Road. Why? Is it only because we stand different. Sensitive laughed. I do not want to find a nice man than I am her husband, since you will not be my future partner, why waste the time to go out on a date and you do?

Then, it does not answer Zhou Ting, walking quickly away. Helplessly watched her leave the back, Zhou Ting a long time did not move, porting high shoulders trembling slightly. Lu Kou do not know when to him, see him lonely and desolate back, sighed heavily patted him on the shoulder, by the way, to show comfort, said meaningfully. Well, brother, love grass anyway, why alone love a flower. Zhou Ting suddenly turned around and saw his face, Lu Kou shocked. Saw Zhou Ting Yandeng slide park, a pair of dashing almost stand up, he growled loudly. Did you hear that, she actually said I look beautiful than her, this is simply a great insult to me, damn the girl, his mother too did not tutor! Lu Kou like to see the monster looked at him, since he knew Zhou Ting that day, never seen in him tutorword. Namhong door eventually decided hands to Tiening prison Church. Have sensitive information, they do not have to mess around with the investigation, able to get things done more efficiently. Shanghai, the bustling corner of the block. Lawrence Church in prison can video door monitor.


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