January 07, 2014

Ghost Ship Video Door Camera

Winter trees, the trunks on hard, but Yin knife blade has cut deeply into it, one of the big visible force. This action, he immediately caused a chain reaction, Five Brothers has put down the gun, they all lifted up, pointing to Yin. Video door entry systems slowly raised his hand and pulled the hand gun golden eyes. In Yin's eyes, he saw not intended to kill, more anger and resentment, which reminded him of his own that year, and thus, Tang Yin's personal life also had a curiosity. He was video door camera sword. Until then, Kelsang only understand, that he is the golden sword hidden in the wrist is a very fine silver wire attached. Understand this, Kelsang hiss of breath, scratched his head, Oh Han Xiao said. This is the golden sword of East Brother nice! If you want, after you do one exactly the same. Video door entry systems laughs. Heard, followed behind him Kelsang god mouth, laughing, nodding said yes.

Followed by the rear end of the other officers, Video door entry systems to the top floor and Kelsang. Said to be on the top floor, is only the fourth floor, unfinished buildings, the maximum is here. Still in the stairwell, Video door entry systems have heard someone shouted the fourth floor. How you come back? Not allow you to support it? Huh? How would you guys? The others? Dead! All dead! Wang and, well, here come a monster with Ghosts. WHACK! With crisp slap sounds, incoherent sound is interrupted. CAO MA of you, where's the monster, but where's the ghost! MA, and what made you nervous? Yes. Is true. At this time, Video door entry systems and Kelsang has come to the fourth floor, where the light should be enough lot, looking ahead, in addition to that several Ghost Ship's younger brother, the building also has four stations, two are Chinese people, the other two are blonde foreigners.


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