March 25, 2013

Indoor Monitor Into The Fortress

The empty cage, we saw a large, empty cage with a little strange, just see a few eye, specially the cage with its introduction and pictures. Years later, this matter we both have very deep impression, but never expected, the wanting army underground fortress so a meet, or only this size. presumably it is tracking the pig face big bat came to here, this fortress of big bat difficult to count, we just saw a cave in the nest, more than thousands of, fort a few tens of kilometers depth, perhaps in what place, is hiding a few sockets. It rough skin, there are many small bone under the skin, like a lot of amour, these adult after it is unbreakable armor.

Evil pig face big bat claws are sharp, although can easily tear of cattle and sheep belly, don't hurt is suing camera ground sloth's, even on its grabbing a few times, for it is also not pain not to itch, there is no natural enemies, it also has countless pig face big bat for killing, it is happy. But don't know is suing camera ground sloth's how so big size into the fortress, possible earthquake or landslides. Lead to underground fortress appeared some big fissure, from there it indoor monitor climbed into the fortress internal foraging, if find the entry, we should also can go out from there. from jumping off the roof is suing camera ground sloth's ate roast meat bat, his long tongue mouth, add a few times is such a piece of meat, to fill his stomach, and it aroused strong appetite, staring at the three of us, don't know in what idea. In the underground world, it is king, it occasionally take the initiative to attack prey, and when it is time to act, almost nothing can stop it.

In confrontation between the two sides this instant, urned several turn my head, underground fortress of the terrain, and wild beasts, and deal with these things for me is a bit strange, whether to start first for strong, submachine gun in hand, but the lethality of sub-machine gun is very limited, is suing camera lazy bone on the skin to withstand, don't play not bitten by snake, snake provoked angry with it, but not sure can get out. Japanese friends sitting type rifle, penetration is a gun, should be able to kill is suing camera ground sloth's, we just only take a few pour thorn, reload the bullets of two previous rifles in outdoor camera.

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