December 28, 2013

Nike Air Max 90 of Dragon Hall

You mean, they came for you? Seem to have this meaning. Nike Air Max scowled said. Led man named Air Max 1 trainers, Shaanxi accent, almost zero meter eighty or so, looked stout. While it is true that the Central Guard division, but Nike Air Max is still some doubt each other's identity. He was just finishing Orient face changed, nodded, and said. This person I know, and met several times. Then he stood up and stature, rubbing his chin up and whispered, eyes were rolling endlessly turning. I want to know what happened exactly? Nike Air Max asked. Xie brother, the central authority Guard is quite large, you can not mess with, you know? Orient Road. Well, you and they go first trip, I will find here YUAN Minister deliberation, and then you find ways nike air max trainers 90 a man wearing a uniform of Dragon Hall, sitting on the floor of the dragon team brothers shouted. Ringo, Chen Tianyu elevator ride away! While, the phone was switched on, Nike Air Max said.

Sorry, Oriental brother, to call back to you so late! Orient At this point in the study looked at the file, one is the Nike Air Max's voice, but also a phone call so late, estimated sure there are events. He cried laughed. Have something to say, brother, and how? Oriental brother, the Central Guard is what department? Nike Air Max doubt Road. There ah! Directly under the Central Military Commission. Orient answered without thinking, paused for a moment, he asked curiously. Hey, you ask? Oh! Nike Air Max laughing and crying, said. They found me, to take me away. Take you ?'ll Show you what? Asked the two Oriental and easy to react, put down the paper, stood up and stature, dignified tone, said.

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