April 01, 2013

Oriental Yi Video Door Phone

I will not harm your second, I will not get white own lives joke. Whew! Oriental easy Hush breath, nodded feel the sense of the words of the video door phone, huh hollow laugh or two to cover up their own paranoia and lack of self-confidence. Video door phone changed the subject, inserted on the topic, asked. Oriental brother, now the East Turkistan elements in Xingjian traumatic also powerful it? Orient easily surprised a moment, carefully asked. Hey do you ask? Then he scratched his head and hair, said. East Turkistan elements is still very rampant, however, the scale smaller than before, a lot, a stronghold siege recently wiped out nearly twenty terrorists. It was just some soldier, video door phone casually asked. Important figure is so good catch, but not in China. Oriental Yi doubt. How suddenly ask you today how? Yesterday, the people of East Turkistan came to me. Video door phone said calmly. What? East easy eyes almost drum; voice an octave increase as he yells.

East Turkistan elements to look for you? Looking for what are you doing? Video door phone Road. They want to indoor monitor purchase arms from me. You promised them? Oriental easily nervously. Ha! Video door phone laughed. I'm not a fool, I of course refused. Oh Orient easily relieved, and then asked again. You can India them? Video door phone channel. East Turkistan are some real desperadoes, I do not want to provoke them. Oriental Yi said, not without regret. Well, if they can catch them, but a small credit video door phone asked, laughing. No small credit for that is? The Oriental Trade Center a move, asked. The Xiao brothers, you are not to let them go? Did you have a way to catch them? Course. Video door phone said. If I promised to the arms deal, and they do, may be able to elicit their big bosses! After hearing this, the Orient easy heart boosted Tang of his chair to stand up, scared and asked. Really? Video door phone laughed. I just speculation, Oriental brother do not count. (Lawless one hundred and thirty seventh chapter one hundred and thirtieth eight outdoor camera.


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