March 15, 2013

Three Eye After Door Bell Outlet

The best door bell outlet are fucking crazy! Good, how did that happen. Bell feel soliloquize ground to say 1 and asked. The situation now? Mess! Third eye. Disorderly mess, don't know from which came out of it so much and our gang and to our company in different areas, all have to attack, only a day provinces is slightly better. H province is the essence of the text east will, if even so all messed up, the foundations of the text east will will be shaken. Zhang elder brother think what should we do? Bell feel asked. Who is against us, I will kill who! Three eye said coldly. Asked the bow bell wanted to think, feel. How was the DL? Three eye wry smile way.

Here is revolt gang the place of the most, however, I can be up there. Just, find it difficult to control chaos in other parts of the world. Bell, feel for a moment, said. I went back to a trip. Three eye after listen to, happy and sorrow in my heart. East elder brother to come back, even in the face of confusion and door phone systems difficult situation, what also have no fear. At the same time, he has some worry, every time I see feel going back and forth across the bell widely divergent, he felt very incompetent. The east elder brother when to come back, I'll pick you up! When I put the video on this side of the phone feel things for good, about one or two days time.

Bell feel back to the hongwu building, immediately called a gang of senior cadres for the meeting. Without too much nonsense, the northeast will he come straight to the point is simple said again, then decided to go back to a trip to tell the people. Then, he has arrange specific concerns. After he left, the acting chief executive is still the east heart thunder, sale, sensitive, and let him three people together in S city, there is the north video phone and the phone at this stage feel feel the heat of the battle, and han fei was there, his left, only keep a new hall master in S city, bell really feel uneasy. Many other details were prepared after careful arrangement, bell feel grow a sigh of relief, announced the meeting closed. After the meeting, sale and indoor monitor.

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