December 10, 2013

Video Door Phone Golden Eye

The latter is surprised, in that bright scary eyes, he could not help but make a cold. You is Jin Lin? Wow gold mouth a pick, his face with a gentle warm smile. Yes. Yes ah! Jinm not sure why, his mind gratuitous burst of tears, some stutter in his voice, asked. Who are you? You should not do not know me, ah, take a look. Wow gold smile enriched, two almost screwed up two curved black lines. Jin Lin again wow gold a lot about it, when he cut down the latter smiling phoenix eye, suddenly, the mind think of a person's name, he excited Lingling make a cold, then opened his mouth, and stammered aghast and said. Thank you. you. Then to a half, he could not go on, counterassaulted pistol from the waist, head aligned wow gold will pull the trigger. He is fast, action was faster mirage in the next, kicked sideways video door phone in silence. CNM, and Jin brother talking to you! One youth stood up from the couch, ready to catch by wow gold hair. Wow gold stood there, not moving, even, even none at the man a look.

Golden Eye stood beside him a stride rushed forward, put the leg kick, kicking at the young mans belly. His action fast, youth no response, Kengchi cry, he just was kick back on the couch, his hands clutching his stomach, his face pale, whispered and roared. your mother, youd do it! Said this the young man reluctantly, from the waist and pull out a knife blade, lifter arm would cut, but he immediately froze the action has been dark muzzle has been on top of his head, with guns who are is golden eye. See guns, package room, several girls are scared to scream, face with fear, huddled. Bo counterassaulted the door shut and locked. Jin Lin heart is surprised, his eyes had such golden eyes and others, finally, fall wow gold body, he could feel, but this is a group of people in his early youth leader. He stared a moment, shrugging Hey smile, smiles. My friends, what do you mean, some misunderstandings, right? Wow gold bowed his head, eyes, such as electricity, shot in the Jin Lin face.

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